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Witzig Humor Fußball Schiedsrichter : Bedürfnis nach Leistungsfähigkeit

Schiedsrichter der Premier League in dieser Saison

FCB and sponsors: Eye shown cosmic and tolerance towards foreign cultures

When adherence to God’s law is a priority… Senegalese player Sadio Mane and Moroccan player Mazraoui refuse to carry the wine cup, in an advertisement for Bayern Munich.@TurkiShalhoub

It’s just a pure marketing concept In front of the advertising medium for sponsoring and company events, it’s about a lot of money, a very important source of income for every football club in the world, if it has a sponsor, not drinking. I also think it’s very good that the Muslim games have rejected it and FCB and Sponser don’t object, that’s tolerant enough. so as not to mess things up.(se/nz)