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Word for the second Sunday: peaceful trains

It is difficult for me to understand one or the other coincidence that I have encountered. for those they say, among themselves your futile efforts, your weird submissive thoughts, your incredibly cold demeanor, your habits produce your own spellings,
But not and never recently in the form of at the same time so many facts with my efforts accumulating, my peaceful thinking, behavior, my habits, that’s my commitment I don’t get before, and after that, that true to my duty what will want to do.

No questions were asked, in no way what you have when you say you are lucky to run in the lucky market. and later There are many who consider themselves unlucky with these things, let alone life, what you want fame. Your chances are meaningless.

One should be careful not to ignore the good in our ability, every craft needs good tools to get no further, let us value our lives not our own for whom one yes for the other not,

corrected pens are important and cheap price cheaper than evil invented content, their kind scam, repeated, let alone by official channels the serious protected and our life is worth it, only if we live, we can sow new changes in our life, no matter how difficult are the challenges we face. All the best to you all for Monday and the rest of the week. Great
wishes Salah El Nemr(se/nz)

LKW Fahre Teilt seine Meinung ĂĽber Krieges Situation zwischen Ukraine und Russland

Dieses Zitat eines russischen LKW-Fahrers, mit dem wir “@Ash_Stewart_”von @globalnews. an der Grenze zwischen Russland und Lettland gesprochen haben: „Dieser (Krieg) muss gestoppt werden. Wir mĂĽssen irgendwie in Freundschaft Weiter leben. „Was ist der Unterschied, russisch oder nicht russisch, wir sind alle Menschen. Wir haben zwei Beine, zwei Arme, einen Kopf, zwei Ohren.“(twitter)

Peace is the opposite of war, and more than that

Bildergebnis fĂĽr frieden bilder kostenlos
Peace is the opposite of war, and more than that
Peace is not only limited or only deviate from the period between two Warlike batch no.
Peace is more than the peace themselves.
Peace is the natural law of our everyday life, of human life. and not the same
belong to peace, without gutted all equal and just when we act justly, can and if it is not the case is hardyou should seek peace.  even if it can well.They last time. Peace not Taste. war very expensive ( se/nz)