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Money can not buy happiness


by Nilsarkentin on. December 2015, 20:00 clock

What can go wrong, will go wrong” – Murpheys law, that is the creed of pessimistic and unhappy people. Unfortunately, setbacks and defeats are part of life. But every person is different order. Some are stand-up guy. You can shake anything. Although they suffer defeat, they can not be discouraged. They remain optimistic and have enough self-confidence to continue to take their goals in attack. If you put the bounceback obstacles in the way, it builds a house from it. The others are pessimists. You can deal with bad defeats and take this very personally. Pessimists find it particularly difficult to carry on. Unconsciously they contribute with their behavior helps to be unhappy. Seven things that make people unhappy wrong …

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What makes you happy?

Is there a lot of money? Are there beautiful things? Is it the people who surround a? The answer to this question is often very individual. The economist Richard Easterlin compared 1974, the results of surveys on satisfaction with the economic growth in several countries. He noted that a rising income does not automatically mean an increase in satisfaction. Thus Easterlin showed that money can not buy happiness.

Although there is no universal formula for happiness, happiness researchers have found the following: Anyone who believes that to be free in his decisions and therefore to have his own happiness in his hand, is usually happier. Self-determined action is therefore a critical factor.

25 things that make you happy


Smile. Our brain, it does not matter whether we smile of joy or reason. The muscles involved (for a smile the way we need far fewer muscles than a sullen mien) indicate the gray matter either way, that is grinning, then release these endorphins. This act in turn anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anxiolytic and improve the perception.
Changing. Even small changes in our environment (clean desk, sort tasks, organize) or our habits to enable our creative forces – and improve our mood. Not least because you satisfied afterwards ascertained to have done something productive.
Soliloquies lead. On the one hand self-talk, the scientists determined, increase their own efficiency enormously, hide distractions and noise and help to solve problems faster and better. Secondly, they reduce stress, reduce aggression and ensure a sophisticated look and more clarity in the mind. This has demonstrated in his investigations, among other things the US psychologist Thomas Brinthaupt.
Move. Movement is the best and most natural medicine against stress and bad mood. Physical activities not only keep you physically fit. Who moves his body releases endorphins, reduces stress hormones, and creates distance to the problems of everyday life.
Many other suggestions can be found in our large Counsellor article about happiness.

What do unhappy people wrong: Unhappiness


igor.stevanovic / shutterstock.comWas makes you happy, researchers and philosophers ask for centuries. But at least as interesting is the other side of the coin. For this you just have to turn the question: What do they actually unhappy? Again, it appears that not only the material things must be considered. We have listed seven things that make people unhappy wrong:

You constantly need confirmation from other

Who does something, just to garner for Applause, makes itself dependent on the acknowledgment of the other. Something is only good and succeeded because someone else has said that it is so. If this confirmation is made, the confidence drops. If one considers, however, even for a precious people, one goes more balanced and happier through life.

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You must always have control

One of the basic human needs is the need for security. However, some people overdo it and try so desperately to control every detail of your life. So you hope to also check defeats and setbacks. But unfortunately it does not work. From John Lennon comes the beautiful quote “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” People who are too clings to his plans, is unhappy when things change and can not adapt to changes.

You see only the negative aspects

This is the specialty of pessimists: In all, they see the negatives. About everything and everyone is nagged. If you come in the morning in the jam, it was clear from the outset. Of course, everyone has times a bad temper, but he who is stiffened only it attracts other down. Too often complains you look, but without seeking to change anything.

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You want to make it all right

Just do not upset anyone, everyone has to like one – who has set this goal, must bend itself sooner or later. There will always be someone, it does not fit what you do or how you do it. You decide whose opinion counts, and not whose. Who is strengthened in his beliefs, is not as fast off the track.

They constantly compare themselves with others

The neighbor goes the better car, the colleague has the nicer office, the friend earns more – who constantly compares himself with his environment, is eaten by his envy. It then focuses too much on others and not on their own goals and dreams. Will I ever the job that my friend? Compared delusional one forgets all too quickly to face such questions.

You are stuck in the past

The question “what if” can become an excruciating burden. What if I could not get a rejection? What if I had not been terminated? Thinking about what reasons there has been a loss, is useful to learn from mistakes. But after pondering must stop it, because otherwise you do not find the courage to try something new. People who are too clings to past mistakes, missed opportunities.

They measure money too much importance to

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Sure, money opens up possibilities. Life can be designed much more beautiful with enough money, than without. However, as already out Easterlin found, money alone does not make happy. This applies to the job in respect. We asked our readers what is more important, content, working environment or working. Around 70 percent of respondents consider working atmosphere for the decisive factor to be satisfied in the job. Who does its job just for the money, so that will not be happy.

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