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Iranian women defy and revolt against the veil

    Politik Mittlernost: 2016.01.22 | 05.56

Iranian women defy and revolt against the veil

Experienced campaign drive without a veil in Iran sought and welcomed major social networks by Iranian women requiring law to wear veil while driving on pain of punishment.
Iranian footage showed driving cars without the hijab as a form of protest against headscarf law during driving, in a campaign led by the Iranian press veil Masset alingad living in New York.
According to the British newspaper, the press since may 2014, to encourage women to publish their pictures while beaten wall display rules amid headscarf.
Alingad also created a page on the social network “Facebook” entitled “the freedoms stolen” since then, and about a million follow-up.

Iran Mode nach 1973

Iranian activist published a video of a group of women in a car while they veil and uncover their heads while they laugh and they wear short skirts.
The independent quoted Thursday, January 21, the Iranian press from self-imposed exile in New York as saying: “the lady who sent us this video representing women who do not agree to these rules and risked their lives and refuse to driving ban in Iran.”
Press alingad have arrested the 39-year-old women’s rights activist on charges of criticizing lawmakers while 19-year-old before the press survey, in 2009, fled to Britain and then America, where she lives with her husband and son.
The campaign achieved “Facebook” is widespread, but seek to encourage women to speak out about the problems.

Tanz bar vor 1973

Referring to the Iran nuclear deal with America, alingad said that the Government of Iranian President, Hassan Rowhani, “you can negotiate with the enemy, but not negotiate with Iranian women”.
She added: “we now have a nuclear agreement, and we need to deal with women. When lifted international sanctions on Iran, we call upon all women around the world to show solidarity with Iranian women even lifted sanctions imposed local. “
Iranian officials had announced earlier in the book thousands of cars to women driving without wearing a head cover or top cover “indecent”, after the law passed a few months ago, which requires women to wear a headscarf all the time while driving, but it will be subject to suspension.

vor 1973

Wearing the hijab is a mandatory for women in Islamic Iran, and warned Iranian 3.6 million, and fined and held in 2015 due to not wearing a veil, as controversy in Iran.
Source: agencies
The deposed Shah fought the veil and hijab and prevention in schools
It was Shah (King) of the ousted Iranian Islamic veil is a symbol of backwardness, and sees nudity as a manifestation of urbanization! He was also making fun of ladies wear to cloak while driving and working in formal concerns such as medicine and law.
At the end of the 1970s the past century has seen Iran increasing numbers of citizens who uphold Islamic criteria such as prayer, fasting and veil, and day after day the scope of Islamic appearances and people uphold Islamic origins than ever, and in the midst of it all, the veil was the sense most other religious values.
If we reviewed the history of contemporary Iran, Reza Shah (deposed Shah’s father) fought a war against the Islamic veil, and the imposition on women baring their hair and there are a lot of events and anecdotes that circulate in tongues and that second line history in this regard since the veil became a symbol of the struggle between right and wrong in Iran.
The deposed Shah of Iran believes that hijab is one of the signs and symbols of social backwardness and was making fun of women wearing abayas by leadership or during the performance of official functions in various official and unofficial circles, especially in medicine and law, that wear the Abaya in these situations is extremely difficult and was very concerned about the future of the veil in Iran that he once said “How can wehopefor goodofthe future of our society, whileour childrenare growing upin the arms ofmotherswearingblackshrouds!.
This of course reflects the atheistic and launched against Islam, ordered to take stern actions against the hijab in schools and universities and clergy fought all Ooty.
In 575, the Minister of Education issued a ministerial circular banning Islamic headscarves in high schools, what irritated the clergy which Wats Ayatollah al-khansari, the Shah into the message to cancel the order, but he refused and insisted even that resulted in the closure of schools.
But the stream of Islamic awakening in Iran the Shah and his shelf by the victory of the Islamic revolution in years, forcing the Shah to consent to wear girls Islamic headscarves in schools and universities without allowing them to wear the Abaya, but increased the tendency of girls to Islamic dress remarkably, reflecting people’s adherence to cultural roots and not his be driven behind the referees deviants whatever their grip. Indeed, Iranian women have aakomt system efforts “monarchist” (Royal) who observed a diabolical and provisions set forth and even increased adherence.

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