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Houseplants for Clean Air


Houseplants for Clean Air

Toxins are everywhere but, there is an easy way to help make them sparse throughout your home. Plants help to filter and reduce dust particles. Here is a list of some of the top indoor house plants that will help you create cleaner air in your home.

1) Janet Craig is a tropical easy to grow indoor plant for your home. This is a plant not to fuss over. When leaves become too big simply prune them back to your desired size.

From: Tropical East Africa

Height: 10ft if not pruned

Light: Moderate to bright light

Water: Allow top inch of soil to dry out in between watering.

Temperature: (60-75◦F or 16/24◦C)

2) Spider Plant is an easily hung plant thanks to its long and thin leaves. After a year old the plant will begin to grow small white flowers during the summer.

Size: Leaves range…

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