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Word on Sunday; lost Reality

For those affected, they have had enough time to make good, and also remain valuable time to continue to give up, and will continue to be -.. – And there is what we are experiencing today hardly after audible, with fast cables worth knowing, until in the living room guaranteed every hour, a political echo, with security, comes. and results also more everything needs to be incomprehensible on explanation. How. What, why, which way does democracy go. with a lot of willpower and steadfastness, water will flow again in the right direction. (((thanks to !!.)) good evening.(se/nz)

Author: Nilzeitung

Danke für ihren Besuch.!!"dieser Seite im Aufbau". Es stimmt, dass es keine Freiheit ohne Pressefreiheit gibt. Wahrer Frieden des Journalismus ist eine der Säulen der Demokratie (Salah El-Nemr) se/nz.

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