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Word on Sunday; When People Build Their own Cage.

Frau, Die Schwarze Jacke Steht, Die Nahe Ozean Mit Schwan Und Vögeln Steht

Yesterday I wanted to change my basic attitude towards my Nilblog newspaper blog, then I read a messenger that you are not allowed to raise, all the hackers have sneaked into my page, what do you want from me, what is your goal, why are you? so worried, everything remains open questions, spam disturb hackers data manipulation professionals “theft” from where a person does not exist, the inviolable does not go without punishment, even if they do not come alive, dear god is my only stop + companion men who oppose me I am grateful, I keep reiterating all of my affidavits, I have full confidence in the judiciary and for the second time filing a criminal complaint,

I firmly believe that this is the only way a society can get out More than a lack of opportunities to learn from my special case, my When He’s Unique in the World of Justice (unique in the world that waits for the truth to come), Matt WP has Twitter Angel + Speedguide + and much more showed me that there are real humani tarian y, incredible performance behind every screen, every time new technologies, new four protections and much more has been achieved, the perpetrators receive my data, that is, they remain unfathomable cheeks, deadly properties that can damage your place of residence. they have to be held accountable, they change their point of view, their society, they stalk victims almost every day, (se / nz)