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That’s not a word on Sunday’s funny conversation with Hecker

That’s not a word on Sunday the funny conversation with Hecker Hello Hacker, God bless you no more if you carry on like this, I really don’t understand anymore all of this is yes, data abuse intentionally and with persistent consequences when someone incites you to abuse people spy, please stop, let the authorities do their job, you are a disruptive factor,
What are they looking for from us, what help does the information give you when we leave the house, when we come back home, what kind of visitors do we have, who do they talk to? Oh my God, what kind of contacts do we have, so nice and unobtrusive, but one of you confessed all this to me and also talked about another one, they take any information, how does your work life or everything work for you and it’s not funny that basically found in the instigators is for the fact that the main character himself is invisible and but it is known, and what you get from a job (laughs) is paid for with tax money, otherwise nobody here does anything for free and what advantages does he or others have from it, I don’t know.(se/nz)


Hat es gegeben Echt-witzig

Kostenloses Stock Foto zu Ägypten, alt, anlocken

Mann beim Arzt, will 100 Jahre alt werden 

Dr., rauche sie? Patient, nein, Tränken sie Alkohol ,, Nein ,, dr gehen sie auf die ganze Nacht feieren ,, nein dr,

Dr., haben sie vier frauen ,, nein dr,

Sie werden dann 100 Jahre alt werden ??.

Patient das weil frag ich sie verdammt nochmal

Friedensstaub leben