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Lost poem for Sunday, found Tuesday: May the lambs be silent

The lambs artists doers would have no time and no sense of time
because they are blessed with many curses,
of many mishaps they are always behind here and there, no own clock has sounded, everything is and remains soundless time
and even with the judgment apostles do not know where they stand, at times
the circling clocks conscious subjects
they cannot stand to eliminate other issues
always fail straight, continue or stand still
the dangers are presented on the roadmap, previous knowledge is not sufficient.
new beginning. all the graceful calm souls in present with long term is a capital remains visible. who inherits inherits(se/nz)


Arten von Sprachen; Was du liebst, ist in deinem Herzen geschützt, gib niemals auf.

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GoodMornings. An der EU, USA und der freie Welt
warum Menschen scheuen sich heute eine gutes Wort für Pressefreiheit,
Aber Menschen ihren Zurückhaltung es begründet hinterlege viel beweise, das die Pressefreiheit, überall Nicht gefördert sei, Ohne Beispiel geschehen, das ist das grüßte beweise dafür leben Ohne Berichterstattung Besser leben und regieren, Journalisten sind gefährdet samt sozialleben sogar auch Anhang &Familie sind Betroffen, wer beten und hoffen auf Begnadung, damit Assange, und ein tausenden von Assange Kollege die Weltweit verhaftet sind, lassen sie Assange frei zu seine Familie zurück kommen kann !!(se/nz)

My dear angels are not one of them.

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My dear angels are not one of them. “a day like no other” .

Public theater, we may be in the race, shadows of spiritual thieves, and you are still there, in the form of lying inventor and powerful power, online simmers, with friendly help to hear from each other, liar no wonders me.

in the last days the first week in the next days was lurking again in shady invisible bays, appears in photos, like an angel, I have not recognized them and their real world, not again, with arms wrapped around the shoulders,

The smile is the great art, worth recognizing again, And you wonder how you weren’t invited, yes that’s so I want to keep laughing, do they hate you so much?, no, that’s just kind of fears that have been going on for a long time,

Meaningful senses they have forgotten, stupid teaching, I have just forgotten everything, but they come back, are at the door. No. you don’t. this time no more .(se/nz)(c)