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Thought about: The relationship between people has the status of home

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The relationship between people has the status of home, which as a rule has to be captured in our life scenario and is difficult to maintain individually over the years. What was briefly understood with special attention
Friendship, or that which is understood as personality, has an honorable place in the whole house, it must be respected in order to maintain it, as if it were a duty without cries for help from which a true believer comes.
It’s difficult to put feelings into words that make them come true. How does Mother Earth always give us something to think about? It can also be seen how fertility joins forces to survive. Mother earth has always given us and will always be there until the last day, luckily we don’t know when.
Like the choir of the Nile, where our hearts dance with joy and wait for his gifts,
Real social contact is not affected by long distances and diverse locations, but the distance between friends increases the strength of their relationship and reminds them of each other in the darkest and most beautiful situations. In all life give what you can, especially inner peace, protect those around you and you will get it again. That’s not all, it’s part of our future tomorrow.(se/nz)

Author: Nilzeitung

Danke für ihren Besuch.!!"dieser Seite im Aufbau". Es stimmt, dass es keine Freiheit ohne Pressefreiheit gibt. Wahrer Frieden des Journalismus ist eine der Säulen der Demokratie (Salah El-Nemr) se/nz.

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