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Two Sunday words in one: love is everything in our deeds for

Two Sunday words in one
love life every soul is affected by it its time would come
Before birth one can ensure how the unborn child gets alive all this with love around his exclusive days until he saw the world after birth.
recognizes everything
it is his freedom
All this and much more of our property
love is everything in our deeds for 1000 years of cultural significance
until something else comes along
lane changes significantly
it remains for me and you to write directly, they give up nothing
Peaceful omen for our mother earth who gives us a lot, according to the native, love is political culture, is social culture, is economic miracle to fortune, without that, reputation becomes loud love is everything.(se/nz)

Author: Nilzeitung

Danke für ihren Besuch.!!"dieser Seite im Aufbau". Es stimmt, dass es keine Freiheit ohne Pressefreiheit gibt. Wahrer Frieden des Journalismus ist eine der Säulen der Demokratie (Salah El-Nemr) se/nz.

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