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Heldenhafte Tat ein Unglaublicher Moment Frau rettet Baby vor dem Ersticken

Embedded videoHeldenhafte Tat ein Unglaublicher Moment Frau rettet Baby vor dem Ersticken

Heldenhafte Tat Glück Unglaublicher Moment Frau rettet Baby vor dem Ersticken, indem sie über das Flughafen-Förderband springt, um das Heimlich-Manöver durchzuführen

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Danke für 2018


I never get tired of the little things
Appreciate every day and the quality of
Appreciate friendship. Thank you  Thank you  Winter dying not
Burying in doubt makes many things easy
Wear sadness, and bake, camp has no place
Courage for tomorrow Courage for the new page.
have courage tochange after change, do not stop.
courage has no obligations have satisfied or released.
have gotten away the ways are unknown
Courage against injustice, always why not.
Courage to look at yourself not only at well-being.
In the spring, courage has its germs again without permission. come.
without meadow without happy, only beautiful grazing,
courage forgive,, Because tomorrow is a new day
courage gut courage also has its sunny side and schaten,,  are good for us .. just said and simple words think accordingly,

DSCI0681 Thank you very much for your trust. I will welcome you with my soul and my spirit if you believe that something good and heal words that are sometimes healed and will be completed in the near future. In my blog, many interesting facts are reconstructed, and I hope you are not missingGreetings from the Estgermane,.(se/ nz)