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Word on sunday, peace ways is peace intention Salam my friend

البوابة نيوز

Salam, a good friend tells me Salam means peace in every corner and knew Sakeena, Tutmaina can all mean to negotiate peace of mind unpeaceful. the anchor is very heavy They pull up needy forces who only have peaceful argi intentions not different as in the animal world. in fact there is salam among the animals, Some strong animals help the weak against their enemies. Salam has left Adam and Iva in because she passionately follows the evil thought. Result we are here to advertise peace, there are many types. love is salam friendliness too to be where it should be. is love even if you can’t. Be polite . there is no guardianship no prejudice it is kind of peace. it is salam. Stay healthy. it is also a wish for peace.(se/nz)

Author: Nilzeitung

Danke für ihren Besuch.!!"dieser Seite im Aufbau". Es stimmt, dass es keine Freiheit ohne Pressefreiheit gibt. Wahrer Frieden des Journalismus ist eine der Säulen der Demokratie (Salah El-Nemr) se/nz.

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