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Funny Humor Elections in Alberta ūüćĀ: Waited less than five minutes later and asks —

understand me

five minutes later

five minutes later understand me

no today

understand me This is real communication art in election time, if no one understands it, wonderful Friday after work a tool peaceful time and weekend start.(se/nz)

Funny humor for the weekend: you’re not allowed to sing

Bangladesh police arrested artist “Hero Alum” (picture above) and forced him to sign an official statement not to sing at all due to the ugliness and bad “dissonance” of his voice, and asked him to stop all performances of his “classic” songs. in the same entertainment street art in India, an Indian man gets the same problem but in a different form he suffers a lot because he sang for a sacred bull his performance went wrong but he survived it could have been worse. I wish you a peaceful mental rest and quiet relaxed weekend. Many thanks! (se/nz)

Weekend funny humor Cartoon: Indian Money- money When central banks are in trouble,

Weekend funny humor Cartoon: Indian Money, Money When central banks are in trouble, there is only bartering, many are sanctioned, but that is the only solution, actually Afghanistan get Russian oil delivered against natural belssne nut fruit exchanged, that’s great. wish you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend. Many Thanks !!(se/nz)

Funny humor for the weekend:what is your opinion of life *L*

Opinions about life can be so different, wish you all a wonderful sunny weekend. Especially the heart sun, you will see more than everyone else, guaranteed!. Thank you very much for your visit.(se/nz).

Weekend humor: after an internship week there are weekend greetings, wish you all the best

Funny Work Cartoons to Get Through the Week | Reader's Digest

Weekend humor: after an internship week there are weekend greetings, wish you all the best for the weekend, everything ends, according to the cycle, stay healthy,thank you very much,(se/nz)

Friday The politics of environmental humor


The politics of environmental humor: The beautiful green landscapes of Inzell have become like Venice. I wish you a wonderful, relaxing holiday on Friday evening and the beginning of a peaceful weekend with a lot of satisfaction and health.(se/nz)